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Stuarts G35 Forged M140i

Stuarts G35 Forged M140i

This is Stuarts M140i which is now fitted with all the right parts!!

It came in already running a Pure800 turbo and some good suspension and brake mods. But this time it was here for some more power and an engine and gearbox to help keep it reliable.

The stock engine was still running fine with good compression but it was starting to drink a bit of oil. The plan was to get another block fitted with some ductile iron sleeves and used that as the basis of his forged build. The main components in this engine were CP forged pistons with coated skirts and dome connected to some of the strangest B58 conrods from PPM. All bearings were changed to King and the head & mains bolts were changed to ARP, along with ARP rod bolts.

the head also got some supertech valve springs to help prevent and valve float at high boost & rpm. We then rebuild the entire engine from top to bottom using Genuine BMW bolts/seals/gaskets/chains.

Once the engine was build we then bolted a Garrett G35-900 turbo to it using a Walton Motorsport manifold, with a Turbosmart 60mm wastegate controlling the boost. The fuelling is taken care of with a port injection kit from Precision Raceworks. All this is controlled with a Reflex+ from Motiv Motorsport and wired in using a plug-n-play harness from Mike Ball (MoreBHP).

We then made all the turbo oil/coolant/vacum lines in house using braided AN hose and quality AN fittings

As this car was going for big power the stock ZF8HP50 transmission wouldn't cope with it, so we changed this out for a HP70 from a 330d.



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