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Bruce's OG M2 Time Attack Car

Bruce's OG M2 Time Attack Car

We built the N55 engine for Bruce's M2 back in 2022 and its still going strong in 2024 after 2 years doing Dutch Time Attack rounds along with multiple UK and European track days.

The original engine failed after a bad batch of fuel which contained a high amount water, hydrolocking the engine and cracking some of the liners.

We sourced another N55 engine block which was fitted with a closed deck insert then bored oversize to 84.5mm.

We then rebuilt the engine using Manley 84.5mm forged pistons along with FCP forged conrods. For mains and big end bearings we used ACL Race Series.

The rest of the engine was rebuilt using Genuine BMW parts

Bruce's M2 is fitted with his own brands,  Boost Addicts, hybrid turbo along with his own port meth setup (Coolingmist)

The rest of the car runs a mix of BC Racing, Powerflex and EBC parts to keep it on the tarmac.

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