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As you may know the BMW S55 engine is known to suffer from crankhub 'slip' or 'failure', especially on tuned engines.

We are pleased to offer a full drive-in drive-out service of a complete crankhub fix.

For this we use a pinned one piece crankhub from Insane Performance along with many new gaskets, seals and bolts which are all Genuine BMW items and finished off with Genuine BMW engine oil. Also included in this service is a set of NGK 97506 spark plugs.

The cost of this service is £2000 which includes all parts and labour supplied and fitted along with BMW online service history updated along with vehicle I-Drive system.

If your thinking of going for downpipes or turbos this is also a good time to do that, as the subframe will be off the car which massively reduces the labour time and difficulty of changing the downpipes/turbos. Again we can supply all parts if you wish to take your S55 to the next level.

Please email/call us to talk about any S55 work, from an oil change to turbos and methanol injection