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Wossner BMW Toyota B58 Forged Piston Set

by Wossner

Set of 6 forged pistons made by Wossner.

Available in 82mm and 82.5mm bore sizes

Made from 4032 alloy

Part Number: K9546DA-6
Brand: Wossner
Product Type: Forged Pistons
Suitable Engine Code: B58

Product Information:
Wossner Piston Bore Size (mm): 82mm
Standard Piston Bore Size (mm): 82mm
Wossner Compression Ratio: 11.0:1
Standard Compression Ratio: 11.0:1
Standard Rod Length (mm): 148.2mm
Stroke (mm): 94.6mm
Volume (cc): -8.47cc
Compression Height: 33.2mm
Pin Diameter/Size (mm): 22mm
Pin Part Number: WP136-SP
Piston Ring Part Number: 820XPY
Clip Part Number: CW22