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SLN Single Mid Pipe with Under-Brace - S58 M3 G80 M4 G82

by SLN
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This SLN Performance single mid pipe with upgraded brace was designed and engineered to work with most after-market exhaust systems/mufflers on the market today with only a single cut needed in the stock mid-pipe. 

 This listing comes with the extended under body brace.

 The S58 twin turbo has unequal exhaust length design. This means the sound is fairly raspy which is undesirable. This system provides the maximum flow available and restores the sports car growl expected from a BMW M-Series car, with its single mid design. 

 The single mid-pipe system is constructed of 100% 304 brushed stainless steel and has a industry standard warranty against rust.


Significant power gain
Faster spool up and better throttle response
Increasing the life of the turbocharger
Adds a very nice tone to the exhaust removing a lot of rasp
100% bolt-on installation
100% TIG welded
Highest quality 2.0mm wall 304 stainless steel
OEM-spec bottom ball flanges
All brackets and mounts as on OEM unit

 An ECU tune will be required to fit this mid-pipe. Please work with your tuner to ensure the correct ECU calibrations are carried out. We can offer coding of the OPF system if you do not want want any power increase.