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SLN BMW S58 M3 G80 M4 G82 Titanium Single Mid Cat Back with Under-Brace

by SLN
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SLN Performance has been developing its own brand over the last 10 years, which focuses on the highest possible quality, without the usual "M tax" price tag
SLN Performance products are industry leading, being used by some of the most prestigious performance shops across the UK, EU and USA. Avoid cheap imitations! 
We are particularly proud of our unique Titanium G Series M3 M4 Cat Back Exhaust, which was specifically designed to eliminate the highly restrictive nature of the OEM exhaust system – thus creating optimal exhaust flow and drastically improving performance
The single mid pipe design largly reduces the raspy nature of the S58 twin turbo engine, giving a far more agressive exhaust note with more base
To top it all off, the system is made from the highest quality titanium, which saves over 30kg over the OEM exhaust. This is a very special product!

Full titanium construction, saving over 30kg from OEM
Eliminates restrictions within the OEM exhaust
Retains factory valvetronic functions
Designed using 3D scanning and CAD for precision fitment

This item fits the following BMWs:
2020 – 2023 G80 BMW M3 RWD & AWD including Competition
2020 – 2023 G82/G83 BMW M4 M3 RWD & AWD including Competition

EU/OPF customers will require OPF readings to be coded out. This can now be carried out remotely with BMW tools remotely. Please contact us for recommended dealers 

The use of de-cats, sports cats and removing OPF are for off road/motorsport use only. Using these parts would inhibit your vehicle from passing a MOT test.

Only EC type-approved components are legal and fit for road use.