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LITTCO L450 MQB HYBRID Turbo Golf R Audi S3

by Littco

The most important part of all our turbos are the upgraded thrust bearing. These are used throughout our range and offer a 144% increase in size and load area. We have moved away from the original design due to there potential to fail when used at high boost levels . We designed and developed the thrust bearings to fit directly into the existing bearing housings but still offer the stronger thrust force resistance seen in other turbos.

These turbos have been tested to 450bhp@1.7bar. we are aware that with more boost they will make more power although the quoted figures are proven and what we consider viable boost.

VSR balanced above OE standards. We typically aim to get all our turbos below 0.5g upto a max of 130,000rpm which far exceeds the OE standards of 1g/1.5g