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Kelford Camshafts – BMW B58 Gen 1

by Kelfod

NOTE: These camshafts require upgraded valve springs. Kelford Cams recommend valve spring: KVS57-BT

Dorch Engineering is a proud partner of Kelford Cams. We have partnered up on B58 camshafts to be able to offer Kelford’s record breaking cam profiles with our upgraded HPFP fuel lobe. What this means is that you get the tried and true Kelford camshaft profiles along with a bonus +40% more DI fueling capacity!

Please view B58 Engine compatibility PDF

BMW Gen1 B58 Stage 1 Performance Camshaft – 270°/268° cams to suit BMW’s Gen 1 B58 engine with bolt on intake, exhaust and turbo upgrades. For an engine running a 58-68mm turbo. Still maintains full use of Valvetronic and Dual VANOS for good throttle response and wide power band.

  • BMW have released these engines in several revisions. To simplify things the Kelford team have named these revisions Gen 1 and “Gen 1.5 “
  • If you are unsure of the generation of your engine please contact our support team & they will make sure you get the correct camshafts