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Insane S55 Crankhub


As a lot of BMW F8x M3/M4 owners already do, we also are familiar with the crank hub issue on the S55 engine

After experiencing several S55 engine stock crank hub problems that happened after the stage 2 power upgrade, we decided that it was a must make a reliable and wallet-friendly upgrade so everyone could enjoy the potential of the above-mentioned engine.

We checked what was available in the market and decided that some products were too sketchy or good but highly overpriced. Our product is now available for everyone in need. Our product was developed with the help of our clients who were more than happy to test it in various conditions, including city driving, highway bashing, and even Nurburgring thrashing. Our product is tested for 50k+ now, and we have no issues whatsoever.

It has the best price-quality ratio on the market, and we can surely say, let’s get some hard tunes S55


  • One Keyed Crank Hub
  • OEM Crank Bolt
  • Specialty Drill Bit
  • Drill Fixture Tool
  • Drill Fixture Bolt


  • BMW F80 M3 (2015 +)
  • BMW F82 M4 (2015 +)
  • BMW F82 M2 Competition (2019 +)
  • The items in this kit are compiled specifically for the BMW S55 engine and therefore will fit any other unlisted models that use a BMW S55 engine