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Twin turbo Turbo Blanket for the S55 platform. These turbo blankets offer both manifold protection and turbo heat protection. Bringing a 2 in one solution for reducing heat transfer from the hottest area of this German Saloon. By insulating the 2 hottest parts of your engine bay – the exhaust manifold and the turbo, you will see a huge reduction in under bonnet temperates, faster flowing exhaust gases, a more consistent power curve – pull after pull, more reliable components which live in close proximity to the turbo.

With a tight engine bay, and modern engineering, the turbos sit very close to power steering components, dampers and brake systems, causing potential reliability issues later. A turbo jacket REDUCES your under bonnet temperatures, creating MORE usable power throughout the entire RPM range, helping keep your surrounding components more RELIABLE, and helping to ACCELERATE the hot gases away from the engine.

The Turbo Jacket for the S55 comes with 2 blankets, which cover all areas of your manifold and turbine housing to provide MAXIMUM coverage and allow minimal heat soak. These Heat insulation blankets have been designed specifically for this turbo, unlike other manufacturers which utilise some one size fits all turbo blankets.