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FTP BMW G20 B58 3.0T charge pipe ( A90 supra) B58 Gen2

by ftp

FTP Motorsport: F30 LCI B58 charge pipe

Features: - Increased Flow
- Direct OEM Replacement
- Caliber increase
- 3-Ply Silicon Couplers
- bung for water injection

The aluminum pipe replaces the brittle factory plastic pipe which can fail under increased boost pressure. The increased piping size helps to reduce turbulence and maximize flow into the engine. These high-quality aluminium pipes are a direct replacement and will fit in place of the OEM plastic pipe.

The OEM pipe can become brittle and fail under increased boost pressure, so we have developed a replacement with an increased diameter, which helps to reduce turbulence and maximize flow into the engine. 

OEM Part 13718651066

FTP parts number sg71444 wasPart was found on the following vehicles:
3' G20   M340i. (01/2018 —  2021)
7' G11 LCI   740i  (01/2018 — 2021)
7' G12 LCI   740Li (01/2018 — 2021)
X5 G05   M40i (10/2017 — 2021)

X6 G06 M40i ( 2018 ~ 2021)

X7 G07   M40i (11/2017 — 2021 )
Z4 G29   (10/2017 — 2021 )

Toyota Toyota GR Supra A90 ( 2019- now )