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FERODO BMW FCP4663G DS3.12 REAR BRAKE PADS BMW M135i M140i M235i M240i M2 M3 M4 M Sport Brakes



Released in a limited number of shapes for 2019, the DS3.12 is the latest evolution in Ferodo's incredible DS line. Every new sports car today has more of everything: More horsepower, more aero, a higher curb weight, and stickier tires.These attributes all place greater demands on the vehicle’s brake system.The Ferodo DS3.12 is the modern pad compound designed from the start to explicitly to handle those demands. Out of all the pad compounds we’ve ever tested, from all manufacturers, the DS3.12 shows the flattest torque curve across the broadest temperature range. That means that on every turn, on every track you drive, on every lap, your brake pedal is going to feel almost exactly the same, providing tremendous consistency and repeatability. The DS3.12 has a higher mu than Ferodo's other compounds, so not as much leg pressure is required to initiate the desired response. It is also unfadable, showing no drop in performance at any temp your brakes will ever see. In dyno testing, the DS3.12 has shown superior wear rates to the other Ferodo compounds, while remaining kind to the discs. Webelieve the DS3.12 will become the gold standard to which other race compounds will be compared.

Fits BMW Brembo brakes

M135i M235i M140i M240i 335i 340i 435i 440i M2 M3 M4