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EBC Yellowstuff Rear Brake Pads - DP42394R F40 M135i

by EBC
EBC Yellowstuff pads have been the flagship pad by EBC for over a decade. These pads give an instant brake response, great pedal feel and modulations with silk-smooth noise free braking.

These pads are a first in a new range of 'Hybrid' materials that can be safely and legally used on worlds roads being R90 approved UK are a high friction upgrade pad for all fast street use and can also be used on the track with proper bed


  • 0.48 stable friction once bedded
  • Strong initial bite, work from cold
  • Zero rotor damage
  • Short to medium race lifetime
  • Copper free for ECO compliance
  • Pad surface brake-in coating

With a stable friction coefficient of 0.42 right up to race temperatures of 450°C, Yellowstuff is a very popular pad amongst kit car drivers and lighter race cars having clinched the MX5 race series. Although heat scorched, the compound does require careful bedding in before race use.

Image shown is generic and may not show actual pads

EBC Part Number: DP42394R

If planning track use we recommend using the pad for a period on the street to pre-bed before making a track excursion. If you require faster track bedding also consider EBC Bluestuff R90 approved compound which beds in faster.