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Powerflex Dual-Mount Rear Differential Bracket PFR5-4030 BMW M2 M3 M4 F8x


With the newer F8x M2/M3/M4s making big power and having superb chassis straight from the showroom, it's no wonder they're often found at the most serious of track-days or at tuning shops across the globe. 

Unfortunately, the power that makes these cars so fun to drive eventually has an impact on the vehicle components, most notably the rear differential bushes.

Despite having the provision for two mounting bushes on the factory tubular subframe, BMW opts to use only a single offset bush to mount the diff bracket to the subframe. This essentially creates a pivot point for the diff under torque loading, especially if the 4x front diff bushes are worn and softened. 

With hard launch starts and sudden and frequent on-off throttle changes, this puts the single rear OE rubber bush through extreme torsional and directional forces, resulting in accelerated ageing with failure often seen at around the 30-40,000 mile mark and an unsettled and potentially clunky rear-end. 

We are proud to release a high-performance solution to this problem, giving you the tools to re-establish rear-end stability on your F8x M2/M3/M4.

PFR5-4030 Dual Mount Diff Bracket is made from our in-house CNC machined 6082 High-Tensile Aluminium and is designed to utilise the secondary mounting position on the OE subframe. With the addition of a second bush, this prevents the diff from twisting under load, providing benefits such as:

  • Reduced drivetrain movement
  • Improved throttle response
  • A more controlled and consistent on-off throttle chassis response. 
  • Improved tyre-to-road power transfer reducing wheel hop
  • Reduced strain on fitted bushes 

The corrosion-resistant Satin Black Anodised Aluminium Bracket is optimised for high stress and deflection whilst withstanding high torque loads but is designed to function equally on standard or modified vehicles with either a single OE bush or dual aftermarket bushes. 

Although the bracket can be fitted without the need to remove the subframe from the vehicle completely, we would naturally recommend combining Powerflex products by using our already hugely popular 80A durometer PFR5-4026 Rear Diff Mounting Bush for both subframe rear mounting positions with the addition of our PFR5-4025 Rear Diff Front Mounting Bushes for the front for the ultimate in differential control and a lasting fast-road or track solution.