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 King Mains Bearings MB7776SI STD

Tomorrow’s Bearings for Today’s Engines
King’s products are engineered for the aftermarket. That’s why we offer a wider range of undersizes and various material options in the King lineup.
King is the first choice in the extremely demanding aviation and racing industries due to our in-depth understanding of the specific needs of those industries. This knowledge and experience is then applied to every aftermarket bearing we make.
King Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ Technology
Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ is a production technology developed by King. It combines highly accurate machining, overplating, and computerized wall thickness monitoring that adjusts the process on-the-spot. This state of the art production technology sets new standards in our aftermarket bearing thickness consistency. Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ outperforms the industry’s wall thickness tolerance, ensuring the least thickness variation shell-to-shell. The outcome: A new standard in bearing thickness consistency.
When it comes to aftermarket bearings there is only one King!
  • Sputter & sputter replacement options
  • Cutting edge bearing technology
  • Higher load capacity through advanced materials
  • Most consistently sized engine bearings
Here at USP Motorsports, we have relied on King Bearings for all of our racing and performance cars. We currently use King performance main bearings on our 1400 horsepower VR6 Audi S4, setting several world records in the 1/4 mile over the years. We could not ask for a better performing product. 
Tri-metal - Silver based (Sputter Replacement)
Material Notes
A lead free silver based overlay material containing solid lubricant additives distributed throughout the silver matrix. For extreme load engines. Can be used as a sputter replacement.King Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ Technology