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BMW/Toyota B58 Direct Port Methanol Injection Flange


Williams Performance & Cobb Developments have worked together designing this direct port meth kit for the BMW/Toyota B58 engine. This injection plate is CNC machined in the UK from aluminium billet.

Using direct port injection will give you even fuel distribution across all the cylinders in your engine, unlike charge pipe injection only which 'can' cause some cylinders to run lean resulting in catastrophic engine failure.

This kit will also hugely increase the amount of fuel you can supply your engine with giving you the ability to safely produce a LOT of power.

This kit is the direct port parts only, to be used with your existing methanol injection setup.

Please see our other listing for the full methanol package for those that don't currently have methanol injection.

Please see our other listings for various tanks.

Methanol Tanks – Williams Performance Ltd

Our full PI kit can be found here

BMW/Toyota B58 Direct Port Methanol Injection Kit COMING SOON – Williams Performance Ltd


Nozzle Size Guide:

  • Stock turbo - CM2 port + CM7 charge pipe
  • Hybrid (Pure800/Vargas GC) - CM3 port + CM10 charge pipe
  • Bigger turbo/hybrid - CM4 port + CM5 charge pipe
  • Over 900hp please contact us for pump and nozzle options


Contents of the system

1 x WP/CD B58 port injection plate