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BMW B58 Track Cooling Package


This is our package aimed at keeping your IAT's low and stable during the hard prolonged use the cars endure during track days.

This package consists of the VRSF charge cooler radiator, VRSF charge pipe and a Coolingmist stage 2 methanol injection kit. with 7L tank

The VRSF charge cooler radiator has a larger capacity which will help keep temperatures more stable due to having a larger volume of coolant in it.

Combine this with the methanol injection kit which will help LOWER your IAT whilst also having the extra benefit of increasing the octane rating of your fuel. This can improve performance and will also reduce any ignition timing corrections and reduce the chance of your engine suffering from 'knock'

All parts are included to fit this package, this can be fitted by a competent DIYer or we can fit this for you at our workshop in Cramlington.