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Apex ARC-8 Alloy wheels

by Apex

Please allow 10-15 days delivery

Fit Matters
A design fit to win

An optimized car setup begins with the perfect wheel and tire fitment. Without model-specific attention to each wheel’s specifications, maximum performance is compromised. Each size was selected to find the right balance between a clean fit and the most grip possible. The wide range of widths, diameters, offsets and face profiles result in many unique fitments ranging from 8.5" to 11" wide and 3 different designs. Each wheel combines these features to meet the different brake caliper, strut, and fender clearance needs of each BMW model. Most vehicle models have options for wheels that range from direct-fit to aggressive for specialty applications. Daily drivers and professional racers don't have the same needs, so why should they be forced to buy the same exact fitment?

More than just a pretty face

The spokes of the entire line of APEX wheels were designed to be robust where they need to be, and extra lightweight where they should be. In each iteration of our designs, the split spokes are carefully evaluated to ensure light weight and remarkable strength. Instead of a deep lip, the spokes on our wheels connect directly to the barrel’s lip to create a rigid wheel with very even load distribution. These features help reduce one of the most common concerns with aftermarket wheels — bending.

Center Cap
A factory fit and finish

Some users like their aftermarket parts to blend in; for us that means details are not overlooked like compatibility with factory center caps. All APEX wheels are designed to accept factory BMW Roundel center caps.

Each set of wheels will ship with four (4) of our gloss black APEX center caps.

Brake Clearance - Spokes
Spokes that work for you

If the spokes of a wheel don't clear your brake calipers, then the wheel can't turn. We made sure the spokes on all 19" APEX wheels properly clear all OEM brake calipers—spacer free. Because of the large variation in clearance needs, APEX produced the ARC-8 wheel using two unique face profiles and EC-7/PS-7 in three face profiles. When the correct profile is used for each specific vehicle application, most Big Brake Kits fit behind our 19" spokes although a few applications will need a thin spacer due to the added width of aftermarket calipers. The flatter face profile offers maximum caliper clearance for high offset, narrow wheels, and older vehicles with Big Brake Kits. The deeper 19" concave face still has enough room to clear wider aftermarket Big Brake Kits on almost all applications, as we designed the spoke profile to require a thin spacer only in a few rare situations. Contact us to confirm brake clearances for your specific application.