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BMW E46 M3 B58 build

BMW E46 M3 B58 build

After our Pure800 powered M140i was totalled, we decided to keep the B58 engine from it and fit this to a more capable chassis. After looking over many older BMW chassis the e46 stood out the most in terms of looks and the actual performance of the chassis.

We were originally intending on buying a standard e46 M3 and starting from scratch, but then this car came up for sale which has had a lot of time and money put in to the chassis itself, so we thought this would be the perfect base and save us a lot of time by having some of the work already complete.

williams performance e46 m3 b58 track car engine swap

The spec on this chassis is fairly good.

  • BC 3 way coilovers
  • Fibreglass front bumper, wings, bonnet, roof and boot
  • Apex 18" x 10" wheels
  • Toyo R888r 265/35/18 tyres
  • F82 M4 brakes
  • Custom rear subframe bushes
  • Whiteline ARB's
  • Roll cage
  • Stripped interior with Recaro bucket seats
  • Tegiwa exhaust system
  • All poly bushed 
  • Driftworks rear control arms
  • Custom solid subframe bushes
  • Chassis strengthening plates
  • Custom front splitter

And theres probably more that I've missed.

Since getting the car we have started to make a few changed, we fitted a 'purple tag' steering rack which is slightly quicker and gives more lock.

williams performance e46 m3 b58 s54

bmw williams performance e46 e30 e36 m3 s54 green purple tag steering rack

bmw williams performance e46 m3 s54 v mounted radiator

We now have the engine out the crashed M140i, which has now been scrapped, and are now preparing it to go in to the e46 shell.

We plan to use the new SCS Delta ecu due out in the next few months.

williams performance bmw M140i b58 tuning styling engine performance

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