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GFB G-FORCE III electronic boost controller | Go Fast Bits

by GFB

G-Force III Electronic Boost Controller 

Electronic steam wheel with touch screen operation

GFB G-Force 3 electronic steam wheel for optimal boost control for maximum turbo performance

Unlike the G-Force II, the G-Force III Boost Controller now has a way to connect common wideband lambda probes to display combustion air ratio in lambda or AFR (e.g. Innovate LC-2, AEM UEGO, etc. - not included)

More Powerful Features, More Simplicity

  • Touch screen operation
  • 6 different colors for backlight
  • Charge pressure control up to 3,45 bar
  • 6 boost "maps" possible, individually programmable
  • Real-time boost pressure display in bar, PSI or kPa
  • Real-time low boost display
  • Overboost protection
  • Scramble function to activate a map for a certain period of time (e.g. 30 seconds to overtake)
  • Maps can also be controlled/changed by external switches (e.g. switch on steering wheel etc.)
Settable is:
  • How fast should the boost pressure be built up (of course depending on the power of the turbo)
  • How long should the overboost be held
  • Maximum boost pressure = boost pressure can be limited