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Forge Motorsport Audi, VW, SEAT, and Skoda 6 Speed Adjustable Quick Shifter


To check if the component is compatible with your gearbox, the OEM shifter part number should have the code 8J0 711 046 E embossed on the shifter mechanism. The Forge Motorsport quick shifter has been designed to fit VAG group vehicles with the 6 speed transverse manual gearbox’s MQ350, O2M and O2Q.

This quick shifter, once installed, will allow you to shorten the movement of your gear shift in order to obtain the optimum shifting times required for performance driving. You can personally customise the throw to suit your own preference, due to an infinitely adjustable pivot mechanism. This wide range of adjustment should allow for adjustment from stock to a 40% decrease in shifter throw. 

This unit will fit all VAG 6 speed gear boxes as found in the 'compatible vehicles' tab above. This product is supplied with two sizes of pin, and one ball fitment, to ensure that it will match the various possible cables found on these vehicles.