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EBC RP1 Front Brake Pads BMW M140i M240i M135i M235i M2 M3 M4 DP82130RP1

by EBC

EBC RP1 front brake pad set



M140, M240, M135, M235, 335, 435, M2, M3, M4 and other BMW's using the M sport brake package

EBC Racing's RP‑1 compound is an ultra‑high performance track and race pad designed for high performance vehicles driven hard on track. RP‑1 has a very stable friction coefficient of 0.45μ up to and beyond 750℃, making it an excellent performer for even the most demanding vehicle applications.

Due to its relatively high friction coefficient, RP‑1 is not Reg 90 homologated for road use within Europe and is therefore illegal for use on the public road. Unlike some other race pads on the market, RP‑1 offers a usable cold friction of 0.35μ below 100℃ meaning it can be safely used as a road pad for non‑European markets where Reg 90 homologation is not mandatory. At 100℃ the friction gently climbs to 0.45μ and stays there up to and beyond the designed upper working temperature range of 750℃.


RP‑1 boasts good pad life but the unique characteristic of RP‑1 is that it boasts exceptionally low disc wear, lower than virtually all other competitor race materials tested by EBC Racing. RP‑1 has a progressive pedal feel with unrivalled modulation. RP‑1 does not have the snatchy pedal feel or high levels of noise often associated with other race pads on the market.

Compared to EBC Racing's other track pad RP‑X, RP‑1 has a 25% reduction in friction coefficient across its working temperature range making RP‑1 the more suitable choice for light‑medium weight cars, cars with non EBC Big Brake Kits fitted, or vehicles with no ABS. For heavy or inherently under‑servoed vehicles which suit a very aggressive pad, EBC Racing's other track material RP‑X may be preferable.