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Brakes: Braided Lines Fitting


The main benefit of braided brake lines is that they help improve performance by reducing the issue of swelling, most commonly associated with the standard rubber brake lines. Over time and extensive use, rubber lines can swell under the pressure caused by applying the brakes. Rubber as a material is durable but will eventually weaken due to this constant expansion. This means the rubber is basically stretching over time and consequently losing its ability to do its job efficiently. This can feel like the brakes are “soft” and don’t respond as quickly or sharply.

Braided stainless steel brake lines can withstand the pressure associated with the brake system and don’t swell. As a result, their lifespan is much longer. This means they can maintain high performance over a long period.

When brakes are applied, it feels firm and responsive. Regardless of whether you are racing or just using a vehicle for everyday purposes, having brakes that feel in more control is a great benefit.