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Funk Motorsport Turbo Blankets are made from the highest quality materials and are available for all turbo applications in both Carbon Fibre and Titanium Lava Rock. 

The BMW B58 engine has been used in a huge selection of performance BMWs including BMW M140i, BMW M2, BMW 340i, BMW Z4 and the Toyota Supra among many others! This high performance B58 engine is highly tunable and fast. The BMW B58 Turbo Blanket offers protection on both the Manifold and the turbo itself, allowing the two hottest parts of the engine bay to be protected and insulated. A turbo blanket REDUCES your under bonnet temperatures, creating MORE usable power throughout the entire RPM range, helping keep your surrounding components more RELIABLE, and helping to ACCELERATE the hot gases away from the engine.

The Turbo Jacket for the B58, comes in 2 parts to provide MAXIMUM coverage and allow minimal heat soak. These Heat insulation blankets have been designed specifically for this turbo, unlike other manufacturers which utilise some one size fits all turbo blankets.