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BMW F8x M2 M3 M4 Performance Braking Package


Introducing the Ultimate Performance Brake Package Bundle for BMW M2, M3, and M4 - F80, F82, F87

Key Features:

  1. EBC Bluestuff Brake Pads: Engineered for the discerning driver, the EBC Bluestuff brake pads are renowned for their high-friction compound, providing exceptional stopping power and fade resistance. Whether you're pushing the limits on the track or navigating challenging terrain, these pads deliver consistent performance under extreme conditions.

  2. Genuine BMW Brake Discs: Enhance your braking system with the precision and reliability of Genuine BMW brake discs. Meticulously crafted to meet BMW's exacting standards, these discs ensure optimal heat dissipation and durability. Their advanced design enhances braking efficiency, contributing to a confident and responsive driving experience.

  3. Goodridge Braided Brake Hoses: Upgrade your braking system's responsiveness with Goodridge braided brake hoses. Engineered for durability and performance, these stainless steel braided hoses provide improved pedal feel and reduce the risk of brake line expansion under heavy braking. The result is enhanced braking precision and confidence.


  • Optimized Stopping Power: Experience shorter stopping distances and improved overall braking performance, crucial for high-performance driving situations.

  • Fade Resistance: The EBC Bluestuff pads and Genuine BMW brake discs work in harmony to minimize brake fade, ensuring consistent stopping power even during extended use.

  • Enhanced Pedal Feel: Goodridge braided brake hoses contribute to a firmer pedal feel, giving you better control and confidence behind the wheel.

  • Precision Fit for BMW M2, M3, and M4: This front and rear kit is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with BMW M2, M3, and M4 models, ensuring a perfect fit and uncompromised performance.

Upgrade Your Driving Experience:

Unleash the full potential of your BMW M2, M3, or M4 with the Ultimate Performance Brake Package Bundle. Maximize your driving confidence, push your vehicle to the limits, and revel in the unmatched braking precision this comprehensive kit delivers. It's time to experience the road like never before.