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BMW B58 N55 B48 Single Nozzle Methanol injection kit



This Cool Boost Stage II Boost Based Water-Methanol Injection Pump Controller allows the driver to control the fluid delivery progressively throughout a desired range of boost.

The controller features the latest firmware and features allowing for the most responsive and featureful system in the world.

Key Features of the Stage 2 system:

*Set & Forget Setpoint Adjustments

This great feature prevents changes to your injection setpoints by accidental cleaning, vibration or temperature change.


*Manual System Priming Feature

Our Controllers allow for the driver to prime the system as desired from the comfort of the interior whilst stationary or driving.


*System Test Function *NEW*

Our Controllers incorporate a built-in Test feature to allow the driver to test the system where the controller will run the pump until pressure is detected by our unique SPMU Sensor.

Should the system take too long to either pressurise or depressurise the controller will indicate these two states allowing for easy diagnosis.


*Controller Failure and Wiring Defect Detection

Our controller monitors the Pump and Solenoid Outputs continuously, actually to be exact, every 10ms.

Should anything be amiss, the controller will instantaneously interlock runaway injection, all whilst activating the Boost Safe Output which will place the vehicle into a limp mode so that damage cannot occur. 


*System Pre-Pressurisation Technology *NEW*

To prevent latency, our controllers pre-empt an "ON" condition and pre-pressurises the system in advance.

This has proven to provide more consistency and prevents manual priming on vehicles that do not drive often or have high injection activate setpoints.

*Compression fittings

Our stage 2 kit includes barbed compression fittings for the solenoid, nozzle holder and tank tap, leaky push fittings are a thing of the past.


*3 Stage Electrical Isolation

Should any electrical failures occur, the system has to go through 3 levels of "hot wiring" or failures before runaway system injection could ever occur.

This has proved Cool Boost Systems to be safest in the world and we have the "zero engine hydro-lock" reputation to prove that.


*Optional System Pressure Monitoring

Our Stage 2 Universal kits are equipped with a System Pressure Monitor which monitor system pressure and allows for easy detection of issues such as blocked nozzles and low pressures.

Low Pressure failures attribute to fluid flow restriction from blockages in the pump or system anti-siphon devices are very easily detected, isolated and reported on the controller face.


*Optional Fluid Level Monitoring

Should the system begin to run low on fluid, our Universal Stage 2 kits include a Fluid Level Switch which will alarm this condition on the controller face.

Features of the controller are:

Injection based on Boost/ Throttle/ MAF Flow Rate/ MAP Boost Pressure and RPM

Delivery: Progressive (with Pre and Post Pressurisation)

Electrically Fail Safe with Circuit Monitoring

Optional System Pressure Monitoring (Detection of Low Pressures)

Blocked Nozzle Detection

Fluid Level Monitoring

User Configurable Menu

JB4 integration for map switching 

Boost Safe or Status LED Output

Pre and Post Pressurisation Technology (prevention of injection latency)

Intelligent Priming Mode with auto shut off

Quick Install 5 Meter wiring harness (only requires connections to end components)

Kit Contents

  • 200psi pump
  • 1-45psi CB controller inc full wiring harness
  • 20ft of High Pressure Tubing
  • Injector (please supply engine cc & max boost + rpm so we can supply appropriate sizes).
  • Check valved compression Nozzle Holder
  • 300psi solenoid
  • tank tap
  • All fittings needed for installation
  • Inline Fuse Holder with 10 amp fuse
  • Zip ties and wire splices and connectors
  • 3 gallon race tank

Water/Methanol injection for your forced induction project is the perfect way to greatly reduce intake air temperatures while increasing fuel octane levels. This advantage will allow for safe tuning of higher boost levels and more aggressive ignition tuning, without the cost of race fuels!


Reduces Air Inlet Charge Temps
The term “liquid intercooling” with water/methanol injection refers to a highly atomised mist of water/methanol that is injected into the air stream and begins to evaporate. As it does, this evaporation effect reduces air charge temps by as much as 100 degrees, and delivers a more oxygen-rich air charge.

Reduces Detonation (Knock)
Water absorbs heat (6x more than fuel), and methanol is a cool burning, anti-knock rated fuel. When combined and introduced into the inlet stream, they can effectively increase your vehicle’s anti-knock index so you can reliably increase boost pressure and advance ignition timing using pump fuel.

Reduces Carbon Deposits
Modern vehicles fitted with Exhaust Gas Re circulation (EGR) devices for emissions control promote heavy carbon build up inside the air intake. This carbon build-up can create ‘hot spots’ in the combustion chambers that can cause detonation. Water/methanol injection has a ‘steam cleaning’ effect that reduces this carbon build up, and in some cases can increase fuel economy.