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Piper Decat Downpipe Ford Focus MK3 ST250 DP20B

Ford Focus Decat Downpipe DP20B

A Piper Performance Downpipe is a high quality stainless steel downpipe designed to unleash extra power from your engine. Coming with either a de-cat pipe or a high-flow sports cat this is the key to unlocking big power gains.
  • Increased bore for extra power
  • Replace restrictive factory cat
  • Quicker turbo-spool times
Getting more power out of your exhaust is all about getting more gas through it. The quicker you can get exhaust gas out of the engine, the quicker you can get clean air into it. The most restrictive section of most factory exhausts is usually the downpipe and catalytic converter.
Sitting just behind the manifold or turbo, and containing the densely packed calaytic converter substrate, this section of exhaust does the most to slow down the flow of exhaust gas out of the engine.
Replacing it with a high performance Piper Downpipe means replacing the original pipework with bigger bore pipework to get more gas through, and replacing the original catalytic converter with a much higher flowing de-cat section or sports-cat.
On turbo cars, reduced restriction behind the turbine side of the turbo will increase turbo responsiveness making for quicker spool times.
On all cars, better flowing pipework will unlock significant extra performance.
Please note - your cars ECU will have a map designed for your factory catalytic converter. It may not function correctly if you replace this. In many cases, the new sports-cat or de-cat pipe will cause the Engine Management Light to illuminate. Normally a remap is necessary when replacing the original catalytic converter.
Please note - neither the de-cat section nor sports-cat are intended for road use. While the sports-cat may pass emissions testing in some cases, it has not been designed for road use.