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MHD Flasher Wireless Adapter

by MHD
Sold out

The MHD wireless adapter allows you to reliably use all MHD features on the go, faster and easier than ever before. Just plug it in to the OBDII port, pair your mobile device to the Wifi access point created by the adapter, and you can flash, log, read codes etc. instantly – no cable needed anymore.

While using the MHD wireless adapters your phone LTE/4G data connectivity and bluetooth all remain active – and charging the phone is possible.

Adapters are compatible, or will soon be compatible with your favorite other apps – xHP, xDelete, Thor, Protools, Bimmercode and many more.

E-Series Model
Faster than regular K+DCan cable. Compatible with F/G models but not as fast as the F/G Series black adapter.

F/G Series +
Supra Model (black)
The ultimate adapter for F/G Series and Supra! DME unlock and first MHD installation in 4 mins, map & options change in 20 seconds. This adapter is 10x faster than a standard KD+Can cable and 2.5x faster that the orange MHD E-Series WiFi adapter.
(Attention: The black adapter can not be used on E-Series cars!)