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Direnza BMW BMW M135i M235i N55 Front Mount Intercooler Core

42% Larger Core than Stock
MVT Core: 510mm x 40mm x 197mm / Step:  510mm x 89 x 140mm
Stock Core: 510mm x 130mm x 110mm

“Revolutionary MVT Intercooler Design Increases Cooling Efficiency & Engine Performance”
What Is MVT?
‘MVT’ stands for ‘Multi Vane Technology’. MVT significantly enhances the efficiency of an intercooler, leading to reduced gas temperatures and, ultimately, increased engine performance.
Within MVT intercoolers are special vanes, which distribute incoming charge air across the entire intercooler core, achieving significantly greater cooling efficiency than a system without MVT.
Technical Analysis
Extensive research into existing intercooler designs revealed that most systems have angled fabricated end tanks with very poor airflow characteristics.
Making matters worse, many intercoolers channel most of the charge air (as much as 80% of it) through as little as 20% of the intercooler core, with the remaining air left to drift unevenly through the rest of the system.
Design Process
After identifying key weaknesses in other designs, over the course of 12 months MVT engineers carefully honed their new concept using state-of-the-art 3D CAD software and CFD modelling analysis.
Not only did MVT engineers pay great attention to the shape and angle of the new intercooler vanes, they developed new cast aluminium end tanks with exceptional airflow characteristics. The results of this work speaks for itself.
MVT In Action
When tested on the dyno, we saw Intake temperatures drop by 12.75°C with our M135i MVT intercooler installed. We also successfully tested the Intercooler up to 418.6bhp without intake temperatures going above that of the stock setup.
The Direnza Performance MVT Intercooler for the BMW 1 Series F20 M135i will allow you to unlock greater tuning potential, future proofing your car for any additional upgrades.

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  • Manufactured from highest quality lightweight aluminium
  • Revolutionary ‘Multi Vane Technology’ increases cooling efficiency and engine performance
  • Backed by extensive research and development by fully qualified engineers over 12 months
  • Carefully crafted using state-of-the-art 3D CAD and CFD modelling
  • Features high flow cast end tanks to greatly enhance airflow characteristics
  • We recommend all cooling components are fitted by a qualified professional to ensure accurate fitment


BMW 1 Series F20 M135i 2012 – 2018
BMW 2 Series F22 M235i 2012 -2018