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BMW B58 Pure 800 'Stage 3' Tuning Package


To make it easier we have put together a 'stage 3' tuning package for the BMW B58 engine, found in the M140i/M240i/340i/440i etc model cars.

This package is based around the Pure 800 turbo, which unlike many others, we can offer with no core charge when we supply AND fit.

This turbo on UK pump fuel (99ron) will have you up near 600hp once tuned. To go beyond that we recommend a direct port methanol injection kit and Coolingmist meth controller. There is also the option to use ethanol mixes too.

As part of this package we also include a custom ECU tune via Odin Tuned, this will be done via Bootmod3/MG Flasher/MHD.

The downpipe we use for this is either the VRSF catless or catted downpipes, these are both 4.5" diameter and offer very good fit and quality at a very competitive price.

We offer three different options of high pressure fuel pump:

B58TU - at its limit at about 580hp on UK 99ron fuel, limited in ethanol content it is able to flow.

Dorch stage 1 - offers more flow than the B58TU, will make similar peak HP but will offer more mid range power than the TU hpfp.

Dorch stage 2 - this pump is ideal if you plan on using stronger ethanol mixes, able to flow much more fuel than both the TU and Dorch st1 pumps.

This is for a complete drive in drive out package from a standard B58 to a stage 3 monster! If you have already fitted some of these parts we can remove and discount them from the cost.

Included in this package:

Pure 800 turbo

High Pressure fuel pump

Hi-flow downpipe

ITG panel filter

Silicone intake pipe

Williams/Cobb charge pipe

NGK 94201 spark plugs

Genuine BMW turbo fitting kit

Genuine BMW oil filter

Engine oil 

Fitting of all above

Custom tune by Odin Tuned


Please see our B58 methanol kit options below

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