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Workshop Services

Workshop Services


  • £15.00

    Engine: Spark Plug Gapping

    We can re-gap your spark plugs before sending these out. Please select the required gap.

  • from £250.00

    Engine: ECU Remapping

    SEPTEMBER SALE PRICE We offer remaps for most makes and models of cars and vans. We have invested in only GENUINE tools from Autotuner and Alientec...

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    from £250.00
  • from £2,000.00

    S55 Crankhub Fix

    As most S55 owners know, the crankhub failure can be a big worry especially when tuning these engines and using them in anger. We can offer a full ...

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    from £2,000.00
  • from £1,000.00

    N55 Rod Bearing Replacement

    Our N55 rod bearing replacement services consists of all labour and the below parts: Sump gasket Sump bolts Oil pump/strainer bolts Rod bolts Oil p...

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    from £1,000.00
  • from £5,075.00

    BMW B58 Pure 800 'Stage 3' Tuning Package

    To make it easier we have put together a 'stage 3' tuning package for the BMW B58 engine, found in the M140i/M240i/340i/440i etc model cars. This p...

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    from £5,075.00