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Gold Plug Magnetic Sump Plug

  • Unbeatable performance
  • Prevents engine wear and prolongs engine life, improving efficiency
  • Collects swarf and potentially dangerous metal particles missed by the oil filer
  • Holds metal particles until next oil change and will not being affected by temperature fluctuation
  • Sump Plug body is CNC machined from 303 stainless steel providing the best quality possible
  • Sump Plug houses the strongest, highest temperature, N45SH Neodymium magnet available
  • The magnet is secured in place with a proprietary 2 step process and will never come out
AP-02 14mm 1.5 Ford, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Hyundi, Daewoo, Suzuki, MINI,
AP-03 12mm 1.25 Toyota, Nissan, Lexus
AP-04 12mm 1.75 US Chevy,Pontiac
AP-05S 18mm 1.5 Land Rover, Volvo, BMW (Motorcycles)
AP-06 14mm 1.25 Ford
AP-07 20mm 1.5 Subaru
AP-08 14mm 1.5 Mercedes, VW, Audi, Honda, Mazda, Saab, Kia, Land Rover
AP-10 16mm 1.5 New Subaru, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Citrown, Dacia
AP-11 12mm 1.5 BMW
AP-17 5/8'' UNC Classic Mini
AP-18 3/4" -24 Classic cars inc Ford - Pre Xflow
AP-22 22mm 1.5 Alfa, BMW, Fiat
AP-26 26mm 1.5 Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, SEAT, VW